Open trainings

As you can see from their name, everybody is welcome to participate. These trainings are addressed preferably to small and medium size companies or to customers who want to delegate only a few participants. Another advantage in this case is open communication and the exchange of ideas and experience among people from different companies, industries and branches.

In this way our clients will increase significantly their sales volume and enrich their business operation skills and knowledge theoretically, but also gain practical skills. Our objective is to enhance the company's interaction with its business circles - customers, partners and public institutions.

All trainings are based on individual client needs and are delivered by practicing professionals with solid experience at senior managerial positions in local and foreign companies.

The methodology of trainings is interactive, including many cases specific to the topic and business of the customer(s), situations and practical advice on how to deal with them.

The duration of trainings is 1 or 2 days, concentrated education, for 7-8 full hours daily. The maximum number of participants is 10 people, which guarantees enough time and personal attention for each of them.

The place is a well equipped and arranged room. Depending on the customer request for trainings given only for the participants from one company the place could be additionally negotiated.

The language of trainings and working papers is Bulgarian. Depending of customer request, closed internal seminars could be also given in English or in Russian language.

preliminary program for open trainings

In-house trainings (closed internal seminars)

They are prepared and organized especially upon request, due to the specific needs and requirements of our customers and after detailed analysis of the level of knowledge's of their staff, specific needs, expectations and targets of the company. All discussed examples, case studies and business situations are strongly linked with the exact current daily activities of the company which is our customer.

What benefits will you receive by taking part in these trainings?

If you are Sales Representative:

• They will help you to summarize, improve and structure your personal experience.
• They create practical skills for much more effective and integrated approach to customers.
• They help you to increase your sales.
• They will increase the number of your satisfied customers.
• They will help you to build successful long term business partnerships with your clients.

If you are employer and Manager:

• They will increase the motivation and satisfaction of your employees.
• They help to improve microclimate in the team.
• They will enhance the image of your company.
• They support the process of building the corporate culture of your company.

Why you need all this?

• Because business world is in permanent change and we have to adapt to these changes.
• Because the gap between theoretical education given in University and knowledge and skills that are needed for real business is still too wide.
• Because of the lack of practical skills in most of the fast developing economical sectors.
• Because many of the Bulgarian specialists still don't have enough experience and skills for his current positions and they have to receive some additional trainings and education.
• Because by enhancing the qualification of your own specialists will save you much more money and achieve higher staff motivation, than you will by recruiting new ones.