Business Consulting

This segment of our activity offers you marketing solutions tailored to your specific and particular needs, as well as assistance to solve any arising issues or to plan certain actions. We believe that through our experience combined with our independence as an outside advisory company we can ensure the right solutions for our clients.

Areas covered by our business consulting service:

Research and analysis of specific market sectors.
Positioning a new brand/trade mark, product or service.
Consulting foreign companies and helping them embark on the Bulgarian market.
Consulting Bulgarian companies and helping them embark on foreign markets.
Networking (or Establishing and maintaining contacts) with clients.

How can you benefit from our consulting solutions?

• You will improve and optimise your work.
• You will reduce and optimise your costs.
• You will find new solutions or methods of work.
• Your corporate culture will be enhanced.
• You will gain a competitive edge.
• You will polish your performance and image.

We can ensure you that the solution we will choose for your specific case will be objective and based on the best practices in the field, reflecting the actual status of things.

Confidentiality is our valuable characteristic, therefore the service which we'll give you will be kept strictly confidential!


In case your company needs competent and professional cooperation for a limited period of time or just for a given project, this service will help you achieve significant savings both in terms of money and time, from point of view of recruiting staff and other related administrative burdens. The broad experience we have in our areas of competence and our professionalism makes our partners trustful and respectful of what we do.

Scope of activity:

Market surveys and analyses.
• Building a corporate identity.
Marketing solutions.
Positioning a new brand/trade mark, product or a service.
• All types of promotional events.
Customer relations.
Trainings, seminars and consulting.