Explanation of service and our approach

This is service which is addressed to the Bulgarian companies, looking for opportunities to increase their business by expanding at foreign markets , as well as at foreign firms, targeting at establishing themselves in Bulgaria.

We discuss and negotiate with you all parameters and characteristics of required Market analysis and Marketing surveys and keep close, permanent contact with your company by giving you frequently and detailed feedback and reports.

The exact service that we offer here is:

Market analysis developement

If you are a foreign company, which wants to start business in Bulgaria or to increase its Market share you need detailed, specific, up-to-date and objective market information which will support you to take the right and adequate decision for the future of your business activities, than this is the right service that you need! The detailed Market analysis will save your company lots of time, resources and costs.

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Business plan developement

The planning and preparation are key functions of the success of a company. Whether this is a new company or an established one, each business faces the need to plan and prepare well. Preparation of Business plan is needed when you want to announce your targets and intentions, or when the "right time" for your next step has come – launching a new product(s) or embarking on a new market.

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